Astrology Consultations - Cassandra Eve

Cassandra Eve 
Cassandra is an international astrologer, writer, soul coach and creative facilitator, sharing from the knowing that we are universal beings living a human life. Her passion is supporting individuals through the joys and challenges of embodying their soul purpose. ​
At the Festival ​C​assandra will be offering private in-depth astrology consultations along with her Five Pathways Goddess workshops. Cassandra has shared astrology internationally for over 25 years, along with women's groups and workshops. Her consultations are a profound exploration of the gifts and challenges ​of your individuality on both human and soul levels, and how that's evolving over the next few years - where it's calling you, the opportunities, challenges and gifts with timing. Cassandra focuses strongly on the Asteroid Goddess energies in a chart. They are a particularly potent reflection of soul purpose, feminine power, relating, spirituality, mothering, our connection to the Earth and her cycles, and feminine creative intelligence. ​Be inspired and supported in the play of universal rhythms in your life. 
A client's perspective: 
​'​Thank you so much for your enlightening and deeply insightful reading yesterday. Your delivery was masterful and enabled me to see myself from so many different eye-opening aspects as well as supporting me by highlighting my strengths, weaknesses, challenges and abilities to not only overcome them but to, more importantly, truly learn from them in an integrated manner. I have to say I was initially sceptical as I have encountered charlatans and other astrologers who are simply under-informed or who have knowledge and insight only to skim the surface but you are the real deal. Not only are you able to accurately intuit character and life journey, but you have that rare gift of interpretation through energetics, which means I access your communications on many sensory and intuitive levels and that enables me to integrate the information in the way that is exactly right for me.​'​  Craig Trafford, Educational Consultant, Musician and EFT Master
Special price of £50 for an hour's consultation at the Festival (usually £70)
Book with Cassandra on 07794 507076, at the Festival or via