Life Alignment: Energy Healing System - Ali McNab

Life Alignment is life-changing, interactive & extremely effective. It works on all levels - Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual. We identify the ROOT CAUSE, process where in the body it is held, then release the trapped emotional energy within the repressed memories. It is these unresolved issues from our history which collapse our energy field, weaken the body & give rise to symptoms & disease. The Life Alignment process returns us to EASE & well being. We come into BALANCE, into ALIGNMENT with our True Selves. Incredible transformations can occur with this powerful yet gentle healing system. Not to be missed.
Ali is an experienced & qualified Life Alignment practitioner. She is passionate & committed to healing on a personal & a global level. She is the inspiration & co-founder of Mind, Body, Spirit Sussex Festival - promoting & providing a platform for local healers, therapists, readers & traders of holistic goods. Our aim is to bring Transformation, Illumination & Higher Vibration.  She is also a Visionary Artist & Co-creator & workshop leader of Creativity Alignment. See for more details. 
She is leading Life Alignment Group Healing Sessions as part of the festival. 
Individual 60/90 minute sessions available at £40 during the festival.
Contact Ali direct for private sessions on 07769 269066