Hawaiian Huna Meditation Experience - Joanna Harper

Explore the power of Ha breathing and setting a positive intention for your meditation.

Journey deeply within to discover your inner magic and potential and then expand into the fullness of awareness. Meditate beyond Time and Space.

For those new to Huna this is an introduction to some of the techniques; and if you are experienced with these practices an opportunity for you to
be supported and guided in your exploration of Trance and deep Huna Meditation.


Joanna Harper is an experienced Trainer, Therapist and Naturopath. Joanna is inspired to explore and focus on the value and importance of emotional well being in day to day living.

Through a training in a range of therapies, meditation and mindfulness practices over many years Joanna is an experienced Trainer and Therapist
in a range of modalities including: 
Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Psychology and Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

Based in East Sussex Joanna regularly runs Workshops and Practitioner Certification Trainings in Eastbourne and London.
Joanna also offers a limited number of one to one sessions each month at her clinic in Eastbourne and onlin