A Shamanic Experience: Creating Ceremony and Tuning the Senses with Lynn Gosney, Bruce Scott & Lewis Skinner

Come, learn and experience the power of ceremony, find out how we can weave it into our life and how it can become an integral part of our life's journey.

This is a time of beauty, as together we explore the many ways in which we can create our own ceremonies - working in the moment without pre-done script.


About Lynn

Lynn Gosney is a Shamanic Practitioner and natural healer with over 20 years’ experience.
She shares her knowledge through her teaching and encourages people to explore the shamanic path, weaving the ways of old into the modern world of today. 
Her aim is to help empower others. Together with Bruce and Lewis and as part of 'Touch the Earth' they work together in harmony to bring about an amazing Shamanic experience.