Alexander Technique: The Art of Presence in Life and Performance - Sara Khoroosi

Alexander Technique – The Art of Presence in Life and Performance
Come along to one or all of these workshops where we shall be exploring many of the principles of the Alexander Technique and then applying them to finding “embodied presence” in both performance and real life situations. 
Open to anyone working in the field of performance: Musicians Actors Dancers, Professional & Amateur; and also those who would like to understand and use more consciously the connections between mind and body. 
To live is to be in movement whether it is simply getting from A to B or learning special skills such as playing an instrument, singing acting or dancing. When we learn new skills we need to learn them in such a way that we do not interfere with our natural way of being ( our operating system). If our systems are faulty then tensions will develop and then become exaggerated when carrying out various activities. Maintaining fluidity in movement becomes essential not only for preventative measures of such common conditions as RSI Tendonitis back/neck pain etc but also to empower the individual to use their inherent natural support system to continually find ways for enhancing their performing and really tapping into the desire for more spontaneous creativity. 
Each workshop will involve some movement, games, role plays, performing (optional), dynamic rest to recover equilibrium, breathwork. 
Workshop leaders who work in the field of performance, health, healing or mindfulness always find the particular tools that the AT offers an immense aid to their own practise & in being able to see where their pupils are ‘going wrong’. 
About Sara
The workshops will be led by Sara Khoroosi MSTAT Hon, who currently teaches at The Westminster Alexander Centre and from her home here in Plumpton! She has a performance background herself and a broad range of experience of working with Actors at The Actors Centre Westminster, Dancers at Rose Bruford University, Musicians from the Royal Academy and College of Music London; and private lessons on a 1:1 basis with a broad client base including Psychotherapists, Equestrianists, office workers, and performers.