Circle of Sisters Meditation - Georgie Catling

We will use a prayer cord and add blessings and prayers for our sisters and brothers, for mamma earth and all the wonderful gifts we have been bestowed.

The prayer cord will be tied as a circle to represent the circle of life, the circle of sisters and the brothers that support us and the beautiful Moon.
I have the honour of being the custodian of the Prayer Cord as it carried by me to other gatherings and workshops and so the energy is ever cycling.

Part of this workshop will also involve tentatively and sensitively exploring the Shadow of Sisterhood.
This is a wound held within many women and bringing it to the light without judgement is a wonderful healing balm.

If you have any ribbon that has meaning to you and you want to tie it to the prayer cord then please do bring it along!

Be Brave Dear ones and come, be part of this magical co-creation of love and feel held and supported.

About Georgie
Georgie is based in Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon where she has the honour to serve as a Melissa at The Goddess Temple.
Her adventure through life has seen her as a group facilitator and guide, Healer, Heart led Warrior, Passionate about Conscious Sexuality, Truth Seeker, Womb healer, Sexological Bodyworker & ex psychiatric nurse! Georgie has been lucky to train with many inspiring women including Anaiya Sophia (author of Womb Wisdom), Miranda Gray (author of Red Moon) & Tao Tantric Arts.
Blessings of your journey to live the life that makes your heart sing!