Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation - Nikki Brown

Chakra Dancing is a complete workout for the mind, body and soul.
Through spontaneous dance we can all free up our natural energy flows and balance the seven major energy centres of the body.
The music is powerful and reflects each chakra, from tribal drums to funky jazz, dance, contemporary, classical and Tibetan bowls.
No steps to learn, no partner, just you and music. Move your body as much or as little as you like, let go of stress and welcome in balance and peace.
Suitable for adults at all levels off fitness.
Such fun!

The Chakra Dancing lasts for an hour and then we stop and sit or lie down for creative meditation.
This is deeply relaxing and helps to reduce stress and tension in the body, encouraging healing and well-being, and one’s own ability to solve life problems.

Please wear loose fitting clothes and trainers, or bare feet, and bring water and a cushion to sit on for meditation, or a yoga mat and blanket if you would like to lie down.

About Nikki

I qualified as a BANT registered nutritional therapist in 2011 after successfully following a nutritional therapy programme for a number of health problems, and set up my business, Heartfelt Nutrition.
This was the start of a keen interest in health and wellbeing, and a journey of self-discovery, which ultimately led me to energy healing, meditation and dance.

I uncovered a love for dancing, unstructured dancing that allows freedom of movement and expression - Biodanza, 5 Rhythms, Freedom Dance, Dance Meditation, I love them all!
Last year I came across Chakra Dancing, which brings together the things I love most - music, dance, healing, colour and meditation.
I qualified with a diploma in Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation in May this year and am excited to be able to share this wonderful music,
workout and meditation locally and at this year’s Sun & Moon Festival.