Interactive Art - Anne Grenyer

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring powerful words that have meaning for us – perhaps a name, a quote, poetry, song lyrics or a mantra.

We’ll look at different font styles and bring our words to life with some basic calligraphy techniques.

These empowering words will be overlaid on vibrant and expressive backgrounds.

Always singing your favourite song lyrics? Come along and express them in a new way.

For those who like working on a smaller scale, I’ll also have postcard templates available too.

So if you’re having a fabulous time at the festival, why not express this on a postcard and help spread the word!


About Anne

An artist with a fondness for calligraphy, I enjoy sharing my love of art.
I’ve worked at the National Gallery in London and had experience teaching English to children and adults in Istanbul.
I’ve worked with a number of charities, including Crisis, Mencap and Raleigh and currently volunteer for FoodCycle,
a fantastic charity that unites and nourishes communities using surplus food.