Zendoodle workshops - Rhona Crawford

Zendoodles (Zentangles) are a good means of calming the mind, helping us to reduce stress and improve our focus.  It is a lovely way of putting our doodling into a more creative structured format! The beauty of it is that artistic talent is not necessarily needed, so everyone of all levels and all ages can take part.  It’s a creative way of meditation, against the background of healing music. 
If you look around you in your daily life, you will see repetitive patterns all around you, from flowers, architecture to even manholes in the pavement, not to mention things in the kitchen!!!  All these can be created into zendoodles. 
In Zendoodle workshops, we will show you how to create these zendoodles (repetitive patterns) into Zendalas ( Mandalas using zendoodles) or any shapes you prefer, such as hearts, eggs, hands, footballs, symbols, where you just let your creative juices flow. Just be yourself and let it happen.   You can create any picture you like and maybe you would like to express what you have gained from other workshops.  Enjoy!
There are no limits to what you can produce. It is a unique personal experience, enjoyed by all.  The idea can be applied into many different ways. Materials are provided to help and inspire you to create these original works. 
Come along and have a go! Once tried, we think you will be hooked!!! 
A slide show will be shown at the beginning to make us aware of the repetitive patterns we have all around us.  A source of inspiration.
Make sure you come early, to ensure a place!  First come, first served!!
We look forward to sharing this experience with you