Blues Engine

It’s last call for drinks, but too early to dream away your sorrows.  
Outside you can taste the rain, and a dark wind bites you as it races by. 
You hear a sound that draws you to a threshold of a bar, a sound built of the old    
machinery of the blues, but with funk and soul and rock bolted on.
It shakes; it rattles; it dances; it lives.   That’s the sound of the Blues Engine. 
Blues Engine formed in London in September 2013, and played their debut gig at Ronnie Scott's bar on 30 January 2014. 
Our first album, The Quick and the Dirty, was formally released on 4 July 2015.  It was chosen as one of the Independent Blues Broadcasters’ Association’s picks of the month for August 2015, and so went to number 1 on the IBBA chart.
Difficult Second Album 'Tracks' is out now!
With new drummer Hamish Birchall, we are now playing regularly at the iconic Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues Bar in London, between other gigs; and we are helping to bring a regular live music event to De Hems Dutch Bar in Soho. 
We were nominated for a UK Blues Award for Best Emerging Artist.
Blues Engine are:
-    Katya Chernyakova (Vocals), raised by wolves in the Russian forests;
-    Alex Cooray (Guitar), trapped among humans until the UFO comes back for him;
-    Alex Liutai (Bass), trained in the secret temple by the Monks of Fun-Ky;
-    Hamish Birchall (Drums), better than the Duracell bunny. 
As an extra bonus, Blues Engine will support the "Sun and Moon band" - our very own motley crew as we bang out a few blues / rock classics. Talk to Scott if you want to be a part of that action! Singers, howlers, guitarists, drummers, horn players, etc're all welcome. Scott will have a tracklist of songs that will form part of the evening's repertoire, and when they play, the appointed musos will be called to join in the fun!