Sebastian Vale

Sebastian Vale is a songwriter and singer from Eastbourne. His tracks have been featured regularly on ‘BBC Introducing’ in the South over the last year, culminating in a Live Lounge Session in the BBC studios in Brighton, where he performed with a mini orchestra.
Mixing dynamic orchestral arrangements with contemporary song writing, and having a real emphasis on poetic and visual lyrics in the vein of such artists as Dylan, his sound is unique. 
His band revolves around a collective of established and classically trained musicians from the South, including Cellists, Violinists and Violists. The musicianship reflects the dynamic and soulful nature of the music.
The creative process is integral: ‘We jam through a new song in rehearsal and I will record the out coming riffs and motifs of the players - their instinctive impulses to the songs as they improvise, and eventually shape them into an arrangement, which we will alter and evolve over time, the music is ever alive, never finite’ (Sebastian Vale).
A prolific songwriter from an early age, music and creativity has always been fundamental to Sebastian, but only in the last couple of year has there been an exponential growth and musical footing that brings him to the stage now. 
BBC Live Lounge Session: