Bedrooms (Optional)


  • Single en-suite bedroom - £245
  • Twin en-suite bedroom - £385
  • Family room (en-suite, sleeps 4) - £630
  • Prices for 7 nights, per room
  • Infants (0-3 yrs) stay free
  • Rooms are all on-site
  • Towels and sheet provided
  • All rooms have kettles
On-site bedrooms
We have 80 high quality, en-suite bedrooms which we can offer you to stay in during the festival. These are all on site, very close to the workshops, main festival area and dining rooms. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and come with towels, bed sheets, duvets and pillows. There are no cooking facilities, so if booking a room, we strongly suggest that you also book a food option
See more in the VENUE / SLEEPING section of our website