Natural Creativity Workshops - Jane and Janyis

In these workshops we'll be encouraging you to share the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns and hidden treasures and to produce some lovely things to take home.

Our workshops will take place each morning and be for age groups age 4 - 7, age 8 - 11, and 12+, in separate sessions. No experience necessary, of course.

Here are just some of the ideas we'll be working with:

Magic wishing tree: We will create a tree and invite children (and adults if they wish) to come and make leaves, flowers, butterflies represent their wishes, gratitudes & hopes.
These will decorate the tree so that it will blossom into a really beautiful feature for the festival. 

Pebble pets
: We'll provide pebbles and materials to decorate, so children can create their own fantasy pebble pets to take home.

Natural Shower scrub: Children will learn how to make their own shower scrub using oats & flowers within a muslin bag sprinkled with essential oils.

Natural tent fresheners: Children will learn how to make their own fresheners to hang in the tent/camper van/room.
They will consist of a small bag filled with dried flowers (lavender, rose, chamomile) sprinkled with essential oils. 

Wooden pendants: We will provide wooden discs with materials to decorate them. 

Promoting positive touch: Children will learn simple hand massage techniques using apricot oil.
We will invite them into pairs and use storytelling to teach them how to give a simple back massage to each other (through clothe