Mixing it up! Science workshops - Chez Blundy

Mixing it up!  Science workshops - recommended age group 9-12
Fabulous, fun workshops where children can experiment safely!
These science workshops, use everyday household substances and recycled materials to create fascinating chemical reactions and to explore the natural environment. Children are able to conduct the experiments themselves, allowing them a great sense of independence, and a sense of pride and self-worth when they see the results.
An excellent chance to develop awareness of the natural world whilst exploring exciting chemical processes.
These reactions always inspire a fabulous sense of wonder in the children! 
NB. Please ensure that children are wearing old clothes or an overall (parent’s old T-shirt is ideal), they will get messy
About Chez 
Chez is a photographer who specialises in creating touching portraits of children and their families.
She also runs photography and science workshops in local Sussex primary schools. These workshops are tied in with and support the National Curriculum. 
Chez encourages children to be experimental and expressive, as well as making learning fun. She places a strong emphasis on self-discovery, awareness and creativity.