Art and Craft Mandala with Vicky May

The word Mandala means “Sacred Circle”. A mandala is a representation of the order of the universe, shown as a circular pattern that leads to a central point.
Session 1 – Recycling and Mandalas
Relax and focus positive energies making a small mandala. This is a workshop for all ages and ability, especially the people who say they cannot draw or paint! Simply a workshop to unleash your inner creativity and relax.
In a group we will draw out a simple mandala.  We will be recycling by using old CD,s as our canvas. (These look stunning fixed to a window or in the garden catching the sun)
Once a mandala is simply designed use the time to look deeply into ourselves to contemplate feelings and intentions. Unconsciously pick colours you are drawn to and focus on painting and doodling, as you relax and open your mind to the peace and turmoil. Just let go allow your natural feelings to guide you. Creating Mandala’s have gentle calming effects, you will feel relaxed and soon be absorbed in this relaxing activity.
Emphasise the importance of the goodness and energy at its core by focusing positive intentions when working at the central core of your design.
Session 2 - Sun & Moon Mandalas
  • Group work, creating a mandala on a huge canvas to represent the power and phases of the sun and moon.
Session 3 – Nature Mandalas
  • Group Work – working together to create a huge mandala canvas which represents the beauty of nature.
Session 4 – “I love Mandalas”
  • Group Work, Collage of individual hearts, representing what each person loves and good intention, this will create a powerful huge collage mandala.
About Vicky May
I am an experienced teacher and have worked in further education, teaching textiles and a various art and craft courses. In 2008 I began teaching in The Skills for life department of a local FE college teaching a vast range of accredited courses to adult learners with differences and difficulties.
Course’s included – Printing, Textiles, Expressive arts, Creativity, Music Sound & Rhythm, Current Affairs, Independent living, Making Pictures, Environment, and Horticulture. 
Teaching a horticulture course with a small group of students we transformed a concrete area of a car park into a stunning garden (which won awards!). It was during this course that I remembered how much I loved nature and spending time outdoors. This is why I am happy to be part of the Sun & Moon workshop facilitators.